Angola 3 Action is a grassroots effort hoping to connect like-minded people who find the story of the Angola 3 astounding enough to want to do something. Robert KingWe aim to empower everyone we contact with information, inspiration, recognition, and ideas to affect change through solidarity actions. We are creating an international coalition of people aimed towards overturning the conviction of every wrongly convicted human being caught in a US penitentiary. We are strategically launching our project on the February 8th, 2009, the 8 year anniversary of the release of Robert King Wilkerson, free member of the Angola 3.

This website provides links to coalitions in your area and resources on the history of the Angola 3 and the US prison system. We welcome suggestions for the website and direct actions. We encourage you to get involved by sending us your ideas, images of your actions, or other interventions you might come across. We respect autonomy, creative liscence and anonimity if requested. In the spirit of Handala, we hope to create an international network that will invent a sustainable social economy aimed towards justice for all. If you like what we do, but dont feel you can do it yourself, please donate to someone who can.



   Herman Wallace #76759
   Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
   CCR-D #11
   PO Box 174
   St Gabriel, LA 70776

   Albert Woodfox #72148
   David Wade Correctional Center
   N1 A3
   670 Bell Hill Rd.
   Homer, LA 71040

   Robert King
   c/o Kings Freelines
   2008 New York Av. #B
   Austin, Texas 78702
   email: kingsfreelines AT gmail DOT com


Statement by Albert Woodfox from Angola Prison - 3 November 2008
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article: "Webb's Prison Crusade" by Christopher Hayes, The Nation - 15 April 2009
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article: "Guantánamo at Home" By Jeanne Theoharis, The Nation - 2 April 2009
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